Menopause Emergency Kit $13.99

SardineCan Giiftware

$ 13.99

  • Everything You Need To Keep You Cool
  • Not Your Mother's Menopause
  • Sardine Can Packaging
  • Great Gift-Stocking Stuffer

Product Description

This Menopause Emergency Kit is a fun item for something that can be so annoying, so put some fun into it and get one of these. Created by women for women, with everything you need to keep you cool.  Give one to your best friend or keep for yourself.

Kit includes: Towelette  (for hot flash), Magnifying Glass: (in case you forgot your readers)

Tweezers: (surprise facial hair), Tootsie Roll: (chocolate fix), Kotex Mini (oops), Emery Board, Lube (well you know), Blistex, Hair Elastic, Folding Fan: (cool off), Paper Clip, Gum. Pencil & Paper: (memory helper), Bandage, Toothpick, Safety Pin: (wardrobe malfunction), Headache Helper, Sunscreen: (face saver), Bag: (to keep it all handy, and a sprinkle of sparkle.

Product Details

Product Dimensions: 4.25 x 3"

Product Weight: .8 ozs

Manufacturer: Sardine Can Giftware

Shipping: Free for this item. First Class



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