Sweet Constance Cow by Mary Meyer Plush 7"

Mary Meyer

$ 17.99

  • Stuffed animal
  • Mary Meyer
  • Plush
  • Farm Yard's best

Product Description

Sweet Constance Cow is sure to delight your little ones. She is a delight to hold and cuddle, and one of the best farm animals going.

She is black and white with off white horns. Cute little fluffy black and white tail. Safety eyes with embroidered nose .

Very  cute plush stuffed animal.

7" in size. Sits well, with pellets in bottom and foot pads

Huggable and soft, and a good cuddle at bed time

Brand new, tags still on.

Product Details

Product Dimensions: 7"

Product Weight: 10 ozs

Shipping: Free for this item



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